Working With ContentDM


    Material is added to the DAI through OCLC's CONTENTdm software.

    Most of the editing work is done through a project client installed on your local computer.

    In the project client, you can create projects for various collections, but can only work on one collection at a time. Search for material in the collection and select objects to "Add to your project." Once they're in your project, the metadata can be edited.

    When you are finished with the metadata for an item, you select it and "upload for approval."

    The next phase is done in the CONTENTdm Administration site. Here, objects uploaded for approval from the project client are approved by an administrator and any new controlled vocabulary terms are added to the control vocabulary. Once the items are approved, the collection is indexed and the changes made to the metadata in the project client become visible on the DAI site.

    For large collections of compound objects (items with several pages), the approval and index is usually done through the CONTENTdm command line interface.

    Exporting Metadata from CONTENTdm

    Working with Controlled Vocabularies in CONTENTdm


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