DAI Theses Metadata

    The instructions for adding theses metadata to the DAI can be found here:

    Download file "DAI Theses Editing Manual - revised 10 September 2012.doc.pdf"

    August 30, 2012

    Approximately 1500 of the digital copies of theses originally added to the DAI were derived from a very poor microfilm copy. In order to ensure preservation of a superior copy, many of these theses are now being rescanned. The following list are the identified poorly-scanned theses. They are listed either by pdf file name or title (i.e. if you don't find it when searching by title, try searching by .pdf file name):

    Download file "Theses to be rescanned title pdf file name.xls"

    If you come across an entire poorly scanned thesis that you think may need re-scanning, check this list (search by title or pdf file name). If the thesis is already on the list, there is no need to report it (follow the Theses Editing Manual for direction on adding individual page fixes to your fix list). If it appears that the entire theses needs to be rescanned and the item doesn't appear in the above document, notify Dean.


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