March 2016 minutes: 3

Health and Safety Minutes

March 16, 2016

Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Patrick St. Croix, Michael Piercy, Bryan Russell,

Regrets: Kathryn Rose, Debbie Andrews, Ryan Lewis, Stacey Penney

1. Meeting was called to order at 11:00am

2. Safety talk – Michael Piercy

Michael shared tips about the importance of being physical active throughout the day.

3. Approval of agenda - approved.

4. Approval of February 2016 minutes - approved.

5. Business arising from last minutes –

a) Walkie Talkies – Michael needs a working Walkie Talkie for the IT office.

ACTION: Rob will get walkie talkies for Michael.

b) Harassment training – The half hour training sessions centred on dealing with harassment and difficult patrons have started.

ACTION: Rob is currently taking suggestions if anyone has ideas for training sessions.

c) Humidity issues in Information Services – Has been resolved.

6. New Business -

a) OHS Training – Next training session will be happening in the next quarter for any members. Debbie is now up to date.

b) Fire Wardens – All fire wardens will need to have their training renewed as the certification for previous training has expired. Currently the session is scheduled sometime between end of April to Early May to re-certify before the next fire drill.

c) Fire Alarm – The last fire alarm did not have any major problems despite some concerns of the staff. Everyone got out safely and in a timely manner. However, there a few questions were brought up and were addressed in the following points:

i) While Rob was absent that day, Janet took over and since then Rob has gone over the procedures with Janet. Rob has also prepared a clip board for the main office in case Rob, Louise, and Janet are not there during a fire alarm.

ii) If fire wardens and backup wardens are all absent the division head will do the staff count to ensure their staff is safely outside. If someone (staff or patron) cannot or will not leave the library during staff should alert the fire warden or the fire department of the person still inside.

iii) Sound issues with the alarms in the map room and the admin office have been resolved with new alarms in these spaces.

iv) Fire Wardens may need to be assigned to the tunnel entrances to prevent people from entering the library during a fire alarm.

v) A new procedure is in place in which allows staff to enter the building first once it is clear. Once inside, staff members will do a walkthrough of the building in areas such as the reading rooms, study rooms and stacks area to keep an eye out for computers and personal belongings left behind by patrons and to attempt to make sure these items are not taken by someone who doesn’t own them.

d) Emergency procedure manual – Rob has updated the manual and was working on edits. In the meanwhile a new Health and Safety wiki has been created (here:) which the emergency manual will be posted to, along with the health and safety minutes. In the future the procedure manual may need to be update again once the building has a risk assessment from the Officers of Risk Management on campus.

e) Panic buttons – A test will be scheduled with CEP to make sure the panic buttons work and that the location of where the button is being activated is being reported to CEP so they know where to respond.

f) Power bars – The issue of power bars being plugged into other power bars is still ongoing.

g) Scent free policy – Shawn inquired about the scent free policy on campus and the best way to address the issue of powerful scents in the office space. Patrick said that the first step is to go to the office supervisor so they can contact the person with the problem. You can also get signs about the office scent free preference from Human Resources. If it continues to be a issue you can submit a complaint through the health and safety e-lerts system.

7. Other Business

a) Motorized lift – Rob ordered a small five foot motorized lift to assist with Archives and Collections concerns about moving heavy boxes of materials from the high shelves in the storage area near the loading bay. If this lift works well a second one may be ordered.

b) Bandages – Some have noticed that bandages have expired in their offices first aid kits. Rob suggested looking in the first aid room to replenish supplies and to let him know if anything is missing that needs to be ordered.

c) Panic buttons – Stephanie asked if the panic buttons notify CEP about which specific location in the library the button has been pressed and Rob said he would look into it.

d) Next safety talk – Bryan volunteered to prepare a safety talk for the next meeting.

Next meeting - Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.


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