OHS minutes - February 2016: 4

Health and Safety Minutes

February 3, 2016

Present: Rob Ball, Kathryn Rose, Debbie Andrews, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Michael Piercy, Bryan Russell, Stacey Penney

Regrets: Patrick St. Croix, Ryan Lewis

1. Meeting was called to order at 11:00am

2. Safety talk – Debbie Andrews

Shawn shared tips on snow shoveling safety.

3. Approval of agenda - approved.

4. Approval of January 3, 2016 minutes - approved.

5. Business arising from last minutes –

a) Grad study rooms – still a issue as Kaitlin is now working with Serials & Acquisition and therefore unavailable to do a sweep of the rooms.

ACTION: Rob will try to get sweep done and in the meanwhile is still waiting on the quote for blinds.

b) Rotunda Electrical – Has been fixed and has permanent power outlets instead of using power cords.

6. New Business -

a) New Lending Services representative needed – Rob will check again with Lending Services to see if any of the staff are available to be on the committee.

b) OHS Training – Rob emailed about the most recent session. Debbie, Rob and Kathryn will be taking part, Bryan and Stephanie will do at a later date, and Stacey, Michael, and Shawn are now up to date.

c) Fire Wardens and Fire Warden Training – Due to retirements and department changes a new list of fire wardens may be needed. Rob will update the list and send it out. Fire Wardens for each department should also update the check list they use for recording staff presence during fire alarms.

d) Walkie Talkies – Tech services needs a walkie talkie for their fire warden and a radio check will be scheduled for the spring semester to check the radios to make sure they’re clear.

7. Other Business

a) Harassment training – Rob suggested organizing a series of half hour training sessions centered around dealing with harassment and difficult patrons. He will mention this to Patrick.

b) Mental health first aid – Michael and Shawn have completed the university offered training but Michael is also looking in to doing the course offered by Channel, which is more in-depth. Rob suggested looking into crisis management sessions.

c) Panic buttons – Stephanie asked if the panic buttons notify CEP about which specific location in the library the button has been pressed and Rob said he would look into it.

d) E-alerts – An anon e-alert was submitted about a slip in the lobby so Rob requested additional mats (as has been done in the past) but this was request was denied as it would interfere with cleaning. Rob was told the library had enough mats and has checked with Patrick about this but has not heard back yet.

e) Terminal comfort heat/humidity – Kathryn asked what the standards were for the heat/humidity in the work space as there have been humidity issues within info services. Rob is aware of and currently working on the issue as new filters have been ordered. However, there was a two week delay due to process format. Rob will look into humidity requirements and has implemented a schedule for checking/replacing the filters to prevent further issues.

f) Emergency procedure manual – Each office should have a binder with the emergency procedure manual and currently these binders need to be updated. Rob will update the manual and have it published to the wiki as well as have copies printed.

g) Next safety talk – Michael volunteered to prepare a safety talk for the next meeting.

Next meeting - Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.


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