January 2016 minutes: 2

    Health and Safety Minutes

    January 3, 2016

    Present: Rob Ball, Kathryn Rose, Debbie Andrews, Shawn Wagner, Patrick St. Croix

    Regrets: Stephanie Williams, Michael Piercy, Bryan Russell, Stacey Penney, Ryan Lewis

    1. Meeting was called to order at 11:00am

    2. Safety talk - Shawn Wagner

    Shawn shared tips on detecting and preventing hypothermia

    3. Approval of agenda - approved.

    4. Approval of December 2, 2015 minutes - approved.

    5. Business arising from last minutes –

    a) Bulletin Boards in Tunnel – still a safety hazard

    ACTION: Patrick suggests continuing to report the issue via MMIS. Rob will submit again

    b) OH&S training

    ACTION: Rob will request a formal request a training session and will forward potential dates

    c) Committee Reps - Rob suggest we need representation from Lending Services and Information Services to replace the members that have left.

    ACTION: Rob will add to the agenda for the next Div Heads meeting.

    d) Power bars – still an issue

    ACTION: Rob still working on the issues


    6. New Business -

    a) Co-chair – Shawn Wagner offered himself as employee co-chair. No objections from those present.

    b) Employer representative – Rob suggested the committee should have at least another Employer rep. Rob will bring to next Div Heads meeting.

    c) Grad Study Rooms – Window coverings still an ongoing issue. Rob will ask Keith to do a sweep and remove.

    d) Rotunda Electrical – Extension cords are being used a permanent source of power. Rob will have electricians install permanent power supplies.

    7. Other Business

    a) Building Inspection – Level 1, 2 and 3 have been completed. Still need to complete level 3 and 4.

    b) Safety Talk – Rob has requested that in future any QEII wide meetings would include a safety minute

    c) OH&S audit – completed last week. No results yet.

    d) Emergency signage – staff person in place and working on the updates.

    Next meeting - Wednesday, January 6, 2015. Debbie Andrews will provide a safety talk.

    Meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


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