December 2017 minutes

    Health and Safety Minutes

    Dec. 6, 2017

    Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Patrick St. Croix, Michael Piercy, Donna Norman, Stacey Penney, Ryan Lewis

    Regrets: Kathryn Rose

    1. Meeting was called to order at 10:00am

    2. Safety talk– Shawn Wagner & Patrick St. Croix

    Shawn discussed the importance of winter safety habits for home and you automobile, such as having emergency supplies kept in the car and snow clearing items like salt and shovels ready around home.

    Patrick addressed the upcoming holiday season and the importance of fire safety, stressing the safety of LED lights, being mindful of electric cords, candles, and Christmas trees as they are typical sources of accidental fires being started.

    3. Approval of agenda- approved.

    4. Approval of past minutes– The last meeting was a presentation about active intruders and safety on campus so usual minutes were not taken.

    5. Business arising from last minutes– None.

    6. New business

    a) OH&S Training. The next occupational health & safety training session is on Dec. 19th, & 20th, with future sessions planned for 2018. Patrick & Robb encouraged any members who could attend the December training sessions to do so and Patrick requested members add the year they were born to the upper right corner of the required form Rob has sent out.

    b) First Aid training. The next training session will be on January 15 & 16. There are still a couple of spaces left and Rob suggested asking around to get a couple of staff from the public service areas of the library or staff who’s first aid training is due to expire soon. Donna will mention it to staff in her department and suggested asking around offices on the 3rdfloor, which Rob will. Michael will also ask around his department as some staff may have their first aid training expire in 2018

    c) New membership. With Debby Andrews’ retirement the committee will need a new representative from the 3rdfloor. Rob will talk to Joan & Colleen from CNS about having a staff member from that department join the committee. There is still a need for a representative from the custodian staff in the library which Rob hopes we will be able to resolve in 2018. Louise White is the designated building authority and will begin attending meetings in the 2018.

    d) Smoking. Members of the committee discussed the issue smoking near doorways and staff. It was decided the proper approach to address a complaint regarding staff was to contact the supervisor of the employees department and to avoid confronting the employee directly. Shawn discussed reporting employees directly over the MunSafe app report feature and Patrick suggested Shawn contact Fred Rideout from CEP directly via email. Due to the scope of the issue, the challenge of enforcement, and the need for sensitivity, consensus was that the issue is largely outside of the library committee’s control and needs to be addressed through other channels. Patrick did let the committee know the issue would be addressed at the campus wide OH&S committee meeting in the future.

    7. Other Business

    a) Security during the day.Donna brought up a request from her department for security to have more frequent walk throughs’ of the building during the day, specifically on the 4th& 5thfloors. Staff often work alone on these floors during the day and have concerns that should any accidents or emergencies happen, it could take a while for staff elsewhere in the library to know/provide assistance. Rob will talk to Fred Rideout from CEP about this issue. Patrick recommended establishing a Working alone policy for the building. This involves the identification of the risks or hazards associated with the work to be performed or the environment where the work is to be done while staff are alone and to establish procedures to eliminate or minimize the identified risks.

    b) Ladders in 1stfloor stacks.Stephanie brought up a request from her department to repair or replace the unsafe ladders being used in the closed periodical stacks on the first floor. Donna & Rob discussed how the same issue was addressed in the main stacks by having Keith put in a work order. After the meeting Stephanie will identify which ladders are of concern and ask Keith to put in a work order to have them repaired, if possible.

    c) First Aid room blankets. Stephanie inquired about who previously cleaned the blankets as the hamper is currently full. Rob said the blankets are cleaned by the custodians and he would contact them about it.

    d) Muster stations & staff. Ryan brought up a concern from the last fire drill about which muster station staff members should go to when they work in multiple departments and which fire warden’s list they should be on. It was decided staff that are officially part of more than one department/designated area should be on lists for those areas. When the fire alarm is sounded/building evacuated the staff should go to the muster station of the department they are working in at the time of the alarm and the warden will alert the other department/area warden that the staff member has evacuated with them.

    In the case of a staff member simply being in a different part of the library when the alarm is sounded, they will evacuate through the nearest exit and head to the closest muster station. There, a warden at that muster station will alert the warden for the employee’s department/area that the employee is safely out of the building.

    e) Building Inspection.Patrick reminded the committee a full building inspection will be required in 2018 and Rob agreed to have one done before the next meeting on March 1, 2018.

    8. Meeting ended 10:40 am


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