May 2016 minutes

Health and Safety Minutes

May 4, 2016

Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Michael Piercy, Bryan Russell,

Regrets: Kathryn Rose, Debbie Andrews, Ryan Lewis, Stacey Penney, Patrick St. Croix

1. Meeting was called to order at 11:00am

2. Safety talk – Stephanie Williams

Stephanie shared spring cleaning safety tips.

3. Approval of agenda - approved.

4. Approval of March 2016 minutes - approved.

5. Business arising from last minutes –

a) Jiffy poles – They have been installed in the tech services office and the former power cord issue has been resolved.

b) Lending Services – A health & safety representative and back up fire warden from Lending Services is needed.

ACTION: Rob will talk to Lending Services head.

c) Fire Warden Training & – Will take place on May 5th, 2016

d) Walkie-Talkies – Department walkie talkies are still having audio & operating issues.

ACTION: Fire wardens will bring the walkie talkies to the fire warden training session.

e) How to Sessions – Scheduling issues have caused some sessions to be moved to different times.

ACTION: June sessions will focus on employee wellness while Emergency & Building procedure sessions will be scheduled for the fall semester.

f) Panic buttons – The buttons have been tested and are working as a whole but there are some minor issues.

ACTION: Further testing is needed.

6. New Business -

a) Fire Watch – some of the fire wardens & staff were asked to do a fire watch after the last alarm. Some raised concern about this being appropriate. CEP and Patrick St. Croix assure that it is an appropriate task for staff to assist with.

b) Fire Warden Locations – After the last fire alarm the locations of fire wardens needs to be reviewed, as does the crowd control procedures for preventing people from entering the building while the alarm is sounding.

c) First Aid Certificates – Those that took part in the last Library First Aid session will soon have to renew their certificates in the near future so the issues of the old certificates has been formerly dropped.

d) Building inspection – A full inspection is needed. Stephanie and Bryan will perform the inspections for the 4th & 5th floor.

7. Other Business

a) Study rooms – Once again doors are being covered with paper which needs to be removed. Robb will address the issue.

b) Scented cleaning products – Staff have noticed that scented cleaning products are being used in the washrooms & offices, which are causing issues for staff with scent sensitivities. Rob will address the issue with the cleaning staff.

c) New motorized lift – The motorized lift is available for use by all staff in the closed stacks area. Rob is discussing the possibility of getting a lift for the 4th and 5th for staff use.

d) Pests – Silverfish have been noticed and traps have been laid out.

Next meeting – June 8th , 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.


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