March 2017 minutes

    Health and Safety Minutes

    March 22, 2017

    Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Kathryn Rose, Patrick St. Croix, Michael Piercy, Ryan Lewis

    Regrets: Debbie Andrews, Stacey Penney,

    1. Meeting was called to order at 10:05am

    2. Safety talk– Patrick St. Croix

    Patrick discussed the importance of replacing smoke alarm batteries and safe ways to dispose of used batteries.

    3. Approval of agenda- approved.

    4. Approval of December 2016 minutes- approved.

    5. Business arising from last minutes:

    a) Hazard Assessment. Rob gave the committee an update on the implemented hazard assessment procedure and it currently going well.

    6. New business

    a) OHS Training. Recently the library underwent a audit by the university occupational health & safety committee who recommended that everyone on the library OH&S committee complete the newer training course to be updated. Rob will send out the forms for committee members to complete and send back to him and he will send them as batch delivery. The next OH&S training session is May 30 & 31st.

    b) First Aid Training.Rob has asked committee members to encourage staff in their departments to do First Aid training as there was a lack of volunteers for the March session. Rob will send out the dates for the next session which should be sometime around mid May if there is enough people.

    c) Building inspection. Only a partial building inspection was completed in 2016 with the 1st, 2nd& 3rdfloor being inspected but not the 4thor 5thfloors. Rob recommended completing full building inspections from now on rather than breaking it up into sections/floors. Rob and Shawn will do the first inspection.

    d) Audit report. As mentioned earlier, the library recently went through a audit from the university OH&S committee and there has been a slight drop in the library committee standing due staff and procedure changes. Most notably, more members need the updated OH&S training and the OH&S forms required after each meeting need to be filled out and sent back in a more timely fashion. Rob will meet with Stephanie to go over the OH&S form requirements and the OH&S training issue was addressed in 6a.

    e) Fire incident.Rob addressed the multiple fire incidents that occurred in the fall semester and reported that there have been no more incidents since the third incident and that the culprit was not identified. On a positive note, improvements were made to the fire alarm system in areas of the library that previously had difficultly hearing the alarm. Also localized smoke detectors were added to the bathrooms.

    f) Elevators. The frequent break downs of the smaller elevators and out of commission service elevator continue to be a problem due to the elevator repair strike. Facilities Management has been quick to respond when all elevators are out of service and emergency maintenance will still be provided but unfortunately there is no permanent solution in the near future.

    7. Other Business

    a) Radio & Fire Warden training.Rob will look into dates for training/re-training of fire wardens and would like members to let him know if their radios are working and if any need to be replaced. Rob also reminded the committee that fire wardens need to wear their emergency vests during an evacuation. Michael has gotten caution tape to put on the tunnel doors near systems to hopefully stop people from entering the building during an alarm. Stephanie will get caution tape from Keith to do the same for the doors near the clock tower.

    b) Future meeting dates. The dates for the next meetings are tentatively June 7th, September 6th, and December 6th.

    8. Meeting ended 10:40am


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