September 2016 minutes

Health and Safety Minutes

September 14, 2016

Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Michael Piercy, Bryan Russell, Kathryn Rose, Debbie Andrews, Ryan Lewis, Stacey Penney, Patrick St. Croix

1. Meeting was called to order at 11:00am

2. Safety talk – Rob Ball

Rob discussed the importance of safety in regards to driving in school areas. This included being mindful of crosswalks, both as drivers and pedestrians and to be mindful of the speed limits within the school zone.

3. Approval of agenda - approved.

4. Approval of May 2016 minutes - approved.

5. Business arising from last minutes - none.

6. New business

a) OHS Training. The next session for OHS training is September 21st& 22nd. These training sessions happen quarterly and the next should be around December/January. Rob will send out a notification prior to the sessions so committee members can sign up.

b) Fire doors.Recently there have been issues with the fire doors malfunctioning and closing. The electrical shop has temporarily addressed the issue but a new system update is needed. Protocols have been put in place should there be any further problems before the update.

c) First Aid. The certificates from the previous first aid training are due to expire. Rob will look into cost, possible funding, and available trainers for recertification.

d) Building inspection. Bryan & Stephanie did an inspection of the 4thand 5thfloors in June. Rob will send them the inspection form to be filled out and completed. Bryan & Stephanie will also inspect the 1st& 2ndfloor by October.

i.) Pat recommended posting signs on the grad rooms 24-48 hours prior to inspection to alert the students that staff will be inspecting the rooms. He also recommended sending an email to staff prior to the inspecting departments just to let them know it is happening.

ii.) There is a checklist on the form that lists issues/items to look out for but it is also recommended to ask staff in departments if there are any issues in the area that should be addressed.

d) Elevators.There was someone stuck in a elevator earlier in September and the issue was quickly addressed. The proper procedure for an incident like this is to contact CEP through the phone in the elevator or by calling 4100.

e) Campus Health & Safety statistics. These statistics are generated through the Environmental Health & Safety E-Alerts system so it is important to use the alert system to report health & safety issues. The visit the e-alert page, please use this link: https://mims.mun.ca:9443/d3vsoc/ealert/

f) AED/Defibrillators. Every building on campus now has a defibrillator and the locations of the AEDs can be seen on the new campus map here: http://www.mun.ca/campus_map/index.php. To view AED locations go to the location tab, select campus, and scroll down to the emergency services tab to select defibrillator. The one in the QEII Library is fully automatic with audible & visual instructions and is currently located on the wall next to Lending Services facing toward the commons computers.

Pat provided a demonstration of how the AED machine works to the committee and informed the committee that the batteries last 3 years and that the committee is responsible for checking the AED to make sure it is operational. There should be a light panel on the machine to signify if it is in working order. If it is green, the machine is fine. If it is red, the machine needs to be checked.

It is important to use the AED as soon as possible and to call CEP. Officers are trained in using AEDs as well and all CEP cars have one. For more information on the Environmental Health & Safety AED program and procedures on how to use an AED, please visit this page: http://www.mun.ca/health_safety/OHSMS/AED_program.php

7. Other Business

a) Workplace Stress. Shawn asked the committee to address the issue of workplace stress, particularly in regards staff shortages and work load. Rob and Louise are looking into health & wellness sessions for creating actives and ways to alleviate stress for staff. Other recommendations are to:

i.) report issues to the e-alerts system as the system is meant for mental health & safety as well as physical health & safety.

ii.) Take advantage and promote the use of the Employee Assistance Program. See here: http://www.mun.ca/hr/services/wellness/eap.php

b) Vent in 2ndlevel bathroom. The vent in the woman’s 2ndlevel bathroom is quite dirty and needs to be cleaned. Rob will address the issue.

c) OSH Meetings. The meeting schedule has been changed from monthly meetings to quarterly meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 10:59 a.m.

Next meeting is on Dec. 14, 2016.


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