December 2016 minutes

    Health and Safety Minutes

    December 6, 2016

    Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Bryan Russell, Kathryn Rose, Debbie Andrews, Stacey Penney, Patrick St. Croix

    Regrets: Michael Piercy, Ryan Lewis

    1. Meeting was called to order at 10:05am

    2. Safety talk– Rob Ball

    Rob discussed safe winter driving tips such as making sure your car is clear of ice & snow, be sure to have winter tires, keeping the fuel tank ½ full to prevent running out of fuel & condensation in the fuel tank.

    3. Approval of agenda- approved.

    4. Approval of September 2016 minutes- approved.

    5. Business arising from last minutes- none.

    6. New business

    a) OHS Training. The next session for OHS training is in February, possibly around the 21st& 22nd. Members who will need to do a session before June 2018 are: Debbie, Rob, Bryan, and Stephanie. Rob will send out a notification prior to the sessions so committee members can sign up.

    b) First Aid Training.Recently there was a first aid training session which was completed by Rob, Shawn, and Keith Hannaford. Another session will be scheduled for March, depending on instructor availability. The first aid lists will need to be updated and placed in locations such as next to the AED. Also, Patrick recommended using a green cross for the first aid signs as that will become the standard campus wide.

    c) Building inspection. Bryan & Stephanie completed the inspection for floors 1 & 2 so now floors 3 to 5 need to be done. Stacey & Debbie have volunteered to inspect the 3rdfloor.

    d) Sewer Gas. The library was evacuation on Nov 25tharound 3pm due to a sewer gas leak in the area of south west outer stairwell. Issue has been addressed and leak repaired. There is some further preventive investigation ongoing. Issues arising from the evacuation are:

    i.) The need for more radio users & training. Due to the time of day the evacuation occurred at, some wardens and their backups were not available to alert the committee via the radio that the departments had safety exited the. It was suggested that each department should have a second or thirds staff member who leaves later in the day to assist with evacuations in case the warden is out of the office. Additional radio training will be needed to familiarize wardens and backups how to properly use the two way radios during an emergency or evacuation.

    ii.) Wardens. According to Patrick, wardens need to meet after the event to report. In a case where the evacuation occurs at or near the end of the work day should stay until the committee can meet, if possible. If a warden has to leave before the meet up they should let Rob or another committee member know they have to leave and if they have any issues that should be brought up.

    iii.) Lock up protocol. If staff are allowed back into a building after evacuation but the building is not being re-opened there needs to be a lock up protocol in place for staff who typically do not lock up at night or in the evenings. If staff members are not allowed back in the building then a system needs to be in place for Rob & CEP to lock up.

    iv.) MunSafe app. The notification about the library evacuation did come out on the app after a delayed period. CEP is being trained in using the program so notifications should be improved and timelier in the future.

    d) Hazard Assessment.In order to improve health and safety communication with the library Rob has approached Louise White about doing a hazard assessment for any work being done in the library. Rob will send out notifications via email if there is any work being done and if there are any issues staff need to be aware relating to the work.

    7. Other Business

    a) Study rooms.Approved blinds are allowed to be used in the study rooms to provide the users some privacy. The users will be required to have the blinds open when the room is not in use so that emergency personal can see into the room to make sure no one is inside.

    b) First Aid cases. New cases will be ordered to replace the broken cases. Cases should also be restocked with supplies from the First Aid room, if available. If not, let Rob know and he will order supplies. To find out what the case should have in it, check the back of the case for supply list.

    c) Loading bay. Keith is working on reorganizing the storage area so that it is safer, such as relocating items near the sprinklers so they will be stored in the area where computer monitors are being stored. Some of the older material that has been weeded will also be removed and destroyed.

    d) Emergency Manual. The manual needs to be updated to remove the names of people no longer working in the library. In the updates staff names will not be used to describe locations. The updated manual will be posted on the wiki here: https://lib-ldap.library.mun.ca/groups/healthandsafetycommittee/

    8. Meeting ended 11am.


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