June 2017 minutes

    Health and Safety Minutes

    June 9, 2017

    Present: Rob Ball, Shawn Wagner, Stephanie Williams, Patrick St. Croix, Michael Piercy, Donna Norman

    Regrets: Debbie Andrews, Stacey Penney, Kathryn Rose, Ryan Lewis

    1. Meeting was called to order at 11:01 am

    2. Safety talk– Rob Ball

    Rob discussed sun safety, stressing the importance to wear sunscreen throughout the year through all times of weather but to be especially vigilant now that is the weather is getting warmer.

    3. Approval of agenda- approved.

    4. Approval of March 2017 minutes- approved.

    5. Business arising from last minutes:

    a) Occupational Health & Safety training. It is mandatory that members of the committee complete the OHS Training and the next session will be sometime in August/September. Members who have not been certified or re-certified are required to attend this 2 day on campus session.

    b) First Aid Training. Michael Pretty has been contacted about doing a session on campus during the fall semester. Rob stressed that departments with public service desks, especially ones open in the evening such as Lending Services, Information Services, and the Center for Newfoundland Studies should have staff take part in the training session.

    6. New business

    a) Building inspection. Rob and Patrick completed the inspection recently and Rob has since put in work orders for some minor issues but overall there was nothing new to report. Clean up is still ongoing in the loading bay and Keith has been working on removing items, reorganizing, and installing new shelving.

    b) Asbestos. Facilities Management has deemed that there is some paper covering the small ductwork throughout the building as containing asbestos. As part of new occupational health and Safety efforts Facilities Management will be labeling any ductwork with this type of paper as asbestos containing. The asbestos is non-friable and unless one comes into direct, prolonged contact (i.e. ingestion) with the non-friable asbestos the risk to personal health is negligible.

    Rob arranged a session about Asbestos awareness with Kelly Taylor for the library staff on June 9 and reported a positive response from the attendees of the session.

    c) Generator fumes. There have been 8 reports of generator fumes recently and the issue is being addressed. Patrick St. Croix & Kelly Taylor will meet with Dan Dove to discuss generator operation proceed to ensure it is being followed. Rob Ball will send out an email to library staff to address the issue.

    d) New procedures. Two new procedures are being implemented by Facilities Management. The first is the Nibs procedure which will be used for whenever work has to be done in the ceiling. Facilities Management staff doing this work will be wearing tyvek suits and will be vacuuming the ceiling space beforehand to remove dust or debris being contained by the ceiling tiles.

    The second is the Job Site Assessment procedure or JSA procedure. For any work that Facilities Management repair shop staff must do they first must do a job site assessment to determine what materials are needed, safety concerns, etc.

    Rob wanted to make the committee aware of these procedures in case Facilities Management staff members are performing these procedures and there are any questions.

    7. Other Business

    a) Drips/leaks.Shawn mentioned there have been some drips reported by desk in the IT offices. Rob will look into it and in the meanwhile reminded committee members to remind staff that they can make reports on the MUNSafe App and the Environmental Health & Safety page on the MUN website here http://www.mun.ca/health_safety/

    b) Smoking on campus.There have been complaints about smoking near the library entrances. Patrick suggested contacting CEP about increasing patrols and informed the committee that staff smoking on campus can/will be issued verbal and written warnings. If the issue continues it can be taken to Human resources.

    c) Scents on campus. After discussing how to handle scent complaints, Patrick reminded the committee that there is no policy on scent. It is considered a consideration issue, not an official policy but he did suggest that in areas where there are staff are scent sensitive that signs should be put up and that signs should be available from Human Resources. If the issue is severe, such as in a case of a staff member purposely using scent to harass another employee, Human Resources can be contacted but again, only severe situations.

    d) Elevators. Repairs have been made to the smaller elevators and they have been operating without any issues as of late. Currently there are consultants assessing the elevators for modernization, particularly the service elevator and work should soon begin on the service elevator with the hope of having it operational in the fall semester.

    8. Meeting ended 11:28 am


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