Individual Title MARC Request Form

    Welcome to the BCS Electronic Collections Cataloguing Request page.

    The following chart should be used to request individual title cataloguing for electronic collections MUN currently owns / to which we subscribe. If MARC records are available for the collection, please record that information in the chart. If you'd like us to investigate whether or not MARC records are available, that should also be noted.

    If you'd like to request that a single record be added to our catalogue for an entire database, electronic collection or website, please send those to Gary Tucker(cc'ed to Iris Liu). This chart is not to be used for that sort of request.

    Collection Request Date Priority Level --Urgent? Normal? Backlog? Requested by? (individual contact if appropriate) Any information? eg., Are MARC records available? From where? Seen in another catalogue? Other considerations? eg., often requested at IS desk? users assume that library doesn't have access? Other solutions if individual title records not now feasible? BCS progress notes Collection records added to catalogue General Notes
    17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers Acquisition -- Electronic Resources - MARC record sets available from Gale - 1194 records dowloaded for evaluation - DONE
    - 1194 records loaded to catalogue --> July 21, 2010
    19th Century British Parliamentary Papers Information Services
    - pass on to Gary for database cataloguing
    - If there are individual titles, need title list or marc record set
    AAPG DataPages updated 2009.12.28 Collections - Earth Science (Fund 17) DTH Standing orders for print AAPG [American Association of Petroleum Geologists] volumes have been canceled. Individual volumes received through these standing orders had been individually catalogued.
    1. Archie Series
    2. Computer Applications: four digitized titles; WorldCat has records for print editions of all volumes
    3. Course Notes
    4. Discovery Series
    5. Hedberg
    6. Memoirs
    7. Methods
    8. "Special Publications"
    9. Studies in Geology
    10. Treatise Atlas
    11. Treatise Handbooks
    12. Treatise Reprints DTH 2011.02.09
    248 titles are electronically accessible, but no MARC records; MUN has 156 records for print copy; OCLC has 141 records for print copy
    Detailed stats see here
    Academic Search Premier 2009.12.28 Information Services 191 ebooks + 4319 ejournals are included in the ASP collection
    - ejournals currently have Serials Solutions records in the catalogue
    - Serials Solutions MARC e-book records are available for 191 ebooks 1360 etexts in the ASP collection - most are now historic documents that may not need cataloguing - ask Kathryn Rose [History]
    - titles only records have been included in the e-journals list. These should be removed from the e-journals list asap
    DTH 2011.02.09
    will buy records from Serials Solutions (in process)
    American Bureau of Shipping Collections - MI and Engineering (Fund 95) DTH MUN has records for ABS journals: Surveyor, Activities
    - Do you mean individual titles? And if so, is there a title list or set of marc records?
    American Museum of Natural History 2011.03.09 Backlog
    Please make global edit so that all individual titles in each AMNH include URLs for the series landing page in the record Records for individual titles aready in catalogue - Memoir of AMNH is DONE with much manual editing (Mar. 14, 2011)
    - Anthropological Papers is being forwarded to System for global editing through API (Apr. 25, 2011)
    - Bulletin is being forwarded to System for global editing and record exporting (May 16, 2011)
    - 189 records of Anthropolocial Papers is DONE;
    - Catalogue Maintance is manually fixing 11 records that failed being exported by System (May 19th, 2011)
    - Anthropolocial Papers is fully DONE (May 24th, 2011)
    - Bulletin is DONE,1530 records(May 25th, 2011)
    New titles in each series should have appropriate URL added when catalogued.
    AccessMedicine Information services -- HSL MARC RECS fo each title is available for download from mcGraw Hill - 61 records downloaded for evaluation - DONE
    - 61 records loaded to catalogue
    American National Biography Online Information Services DONE. Both titles have MARC records. DONE
    - Individual titles also?
    - Check Serials Solutions? OCLC sets?
    Armed Conflict Database Information Services NOTHING needs to be done. DTH
    ARTFL French / Information Services ARTFL collection comprises full-text of French language works. OCLC has records for 1,657 of these online works available in one of its WorldCat Collection Sets <http://collectionsets.oclc.org/SetInfo.jsp?SetSymbol=C5F>
    several specialized collections:
    15% of the records don't have LC subject headings and 28% are not full level bibliographic records; many of the records contain URL for the ARTFL Project homepage (not individual URLs)
    - Ask DTH about it (aug. 31 / 2010)
    ARTstor art traditions across times & cultures Information Services - records not available as oclc collection set
    - try SS
    - is it worth it to try to bring individual records together into a set for this database if not readily available? (aug. 31 / 2010)
    ASCE research library Information Services
    • SerialsSolutions has provided records for journals only as of 2007.10
    • SerialsSolutions has been providing INADEQUATE serial records for individual conferences. There are hundreds in the catalogue
    • WorldCat has records for approximatey 600 individual online ASCE conferences
    • Find records by searching - Access Method=http://ascelibrary.aip.org. This will get a "complete" set of records to be matched/edited with MUN holdings.
    • DTH has list of all conferences that should in our collection
    • New ASCE conferences in this collection are announced in WorldCat Selection. MARC records are available at the time of the WCS new title announcement.
    • Records could be forwarded to BCS for individual cataloguing of new conference in the online collection of ASCE Conference publicationsDTH 2011.02.09
    - try SS
    - is it worth it to try to bring individual records together into a set for this database if not readily available? (aug. 31 / 2010)
    ASME Digital Library Engineering - Fund 92,96 DTH
    • MUN has access to package 3A: All conference proceedings archives, 2002-2007;
    • MUN now also has access to package
    • This collection was purchased by funds allocated to Engineering. It includes important conferences like "Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering. 2008-2010 will be ordered this year
    • Serials Solutions has records for all volumes in the collection included in its ASME Proceedings Current (WorldCat also has records)
    • May these records be evaluated then added to the MUN catalogue for the 2002-2007 volumes for which we have access?
    • Serials Solutions have 554 titles in ASME Proceedings (Current), but have full records for 388 titles. For the other 166 titles, Serials Solutions can only provide brief records which are not satisfactory
    • Will buy records for the 388 titles from Serials Solutions (in process)
    Bartleby.com Information Services - records for individual titles may be available in worldcat - should we try to bring these together into a set? (aug. 31 / 2010)
    Blackwell Synergy, e.g. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Information Services - Now called Wiley Online Library;
    - MARC records are available in OCLC Collection Sets
    - There are 69 Wiley Online Library collections in OCLC Collection Sets divided by subjects
    - Do you want all of them?
    British History online Information Services - MARC records are not available as a batch from OCLC
    California digital library Information Services - records for individual titles may be available in worldcat - should we try to bring these together into a set?
    - do we want all of these titles? which ones? is there a title list? (maybe a text document with oclc numbers)
    - if we create a collection set of titles, the maintenance for adding new titles and deleting old ones would be entirely up to us and, multiplied by several collections, probably be too onerous to sustain
    Cambridge histories online [electronic resource]
    Cambridge, England : Cambridge University Press
    Internet access: mbridge.org" rel="nofollow"linktype="raw" linktext="http://qe2a-proxy.mun.ca/login?url=http://histories.cambridge.org">http://qe2a-proxy.mun.ca/login?url=http://histories.cambridge.org
    2011.02.18 Urgent
    • comprises 272 titles at present
    • titles will be added / replaced
    • MARC updates 3 times per year
    DTH Fund 33
    MARC records available from publisher Subscriber Services
    - 212 MARC records downloaded from [<font color=] for evaluation (Apr. 25, 2011) - DONE
    - 212 records loaded to catalogue, details see the [<font color=] session (Apr. 25, 2011)
    CCH online Information Services
    Champlain Society Information Services Records for print editions of almost every volume from the Champlain Society are available in the catalogue.
    URLs for the online editions for most volumes ought to be added [DTH has full notes on holding]
    CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online Information Services
    Dictionary of literary biography
    Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online Download MARC file for full text titles only
    1.15 MB
    (Updates only March 2011)
    4 KB
    2011.04.25 URGENT Reference
    Gale provides MARC records ALL volumes in the DLB collection
    • DLB collection comprises more than 375 volumes
    • Collection is continually updated by additional volumes
    • MARC records will need to be updated frequentlyThe DLB collection is published in three subseries:
    • Dictionary of literary biography [DLB]
    • Dictionary of literary biography documentary series [DLBDS]
    • Dictionary of literary biography yearbook series [DLBYB]The Memorial University Libraries catalogue has serial title records for online editions of two of these series - DLB and DLBYB.
      A serial title record for DLBDS should be added.
      Serials Solutions can provide serial title records for each of the three series titles.
    Gale provides MARC records for several products, including the DLB, DLBDS and DLBYB at -
    I would like the complete set of the Gale MARC records for all DLB volumes, 1978-present, added to the catalogue ASAP. These records will need to be updated regularly.
    At present, the Memorial University Libraries catalogue has MARC records for print editions of almost all volumes in these DLB collections, 1978-2006.
    Records for scattered online or print editions of DLB titles have been added for selected 2007-2008 DLB volumes.
    Old URLs have been added to MARC records for print edition of DLB volumes. These URLs still work; they may have to be removed at some future date.

    - 403 records downloaded from Gale MARC site for evaluation
    - DONE. 403 records loaded to our catalogue
    • We have 371 records for this collection, some electronic-only, some piggybacked, others print only; Foreeably, after loading Gale records, we will see duplicates in our catalogue.
    AccessEngineering (formerly Digital Engineering Library) Collections - Engineering - Fund 92 - DTH Latest records available (May 2008) have been added to the catalogue - new records promised (but unavailable) for Feb. 2009
    - AccessEngineering Records available
    - DONE
    - April 23, 2009 --> DEL records deleted from the catalogue, AccessEngineering records added - see AccessEngineering pages for more information
    DRAM Information Services -- MRC - OCLC has created MARC records for the majority of DRAM's content -- from DRAM website - MARC records available in OCLC Collection Sets - DONE
    - Sept. 28, 2009 --> 2072 records downloaded and loaded to catalogue
    Early Canadiana Online Information Services
    • At McMaster, http://libcat.mcmaster.ca/index.jsp?sid=1183C576597F&Tab=1, individual Titles available online in Early Canadiana Online have full catalogue records.
    • Using [Advanced Search]: [Search] [for all the words] early Canadiana online, I got :
      "8,935 matching titles. ...
      You searched in 'Anywhere': early AND canadiana AND online"
    • Our catalogue lists fewer than eight individual titles from the Early Canadiana Online collection.
    adding records (Sept, 2009)
    along with CIHM
    Early English Books Online Information Services - full collection of records available from ProQuest for $$$
    - the edited microform records cover approximately half of the EEBO collection. Records for the rest of the titles in the collection are still required.
    • DONE
    • 03/03/2009 - URL to EEBO added to all records
    Earth Revealed Oct. 21/09 Information Services (DTH) OCLC. (26 individual streaming video records)
    Ebsco Academic Source Premier includes monographic series,
    e.g. AIP conference publications [the MUN Libraries catalogue includes individual records for print items from this series; electronic items do not have individual records]
    Information Services
    Ebsco Full-text databases -
    • Academic Search Premier
    • Business Source Complete
    • Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text
    • Health Business FullTEXT Elite
    • Humanities International Complete
    • SPORTDiscus with Full Text
    Information Services Some Ebsco full-text databases offer etexts as well as ejournals. At present, records for the ejournals are included in the MUN resolver and in the catalogue. Inadequate title only records for the Ebsco ebooks and edocuments are included in the resolver.
    SerialsSolutions offers MARC catalogue records for individual ebooks in these Ebsco full-text databases:
    - Academic Search Premier (191Books)
    - Business Source Complete (16,961Books)
    - Canadian Literary Centre (7 books)
    - Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text (88 Books)
    - Health Business FullTEXT Elite (13 Books)
    - Humanities International Complete (477 Books)
    - SPORTDiscus with Full Text (7Books)
    - PsycBOOKS (1437 Books)
    - Ebsco offers MARC records for individual titles in Academic Search Premier, Business Source Complete, Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text, Health Business FullTEXT Elite, Humanities International Complete, SPORTDiscus with Full Text and PsycBOOKS ; records downloaded for evaluation
    - Serials Solutions offers full records for Humanities International Complete (442 Books), but not many full records for other collections; It also offers brief records for those collection which are not good for use
    - Most of the Ebsco records are not good for use. Problems like lack of subjects, lack of authors or publisher's information; Only the records for PsycBOOKS (2067 Books) are good for use
    - Will buy records for Humanities International Complete from Serials Solutions (in process)
    - 2067 records for PsycBOOKS downloaded from Ebsco admin site
    - 2113 records for PsycBOOKS downloaded from Ebsco admin site, and loaded to the catalogue
    Economist Intelligence Unit Collections - Business - Fund 7
    EHRAF Archaeology Mar/2010 Information Services - 55 MARC records in OCLC Collection Sets - 55 records dowloaded from OCLC (Apr. 26, 2010) - DONE
    - Apr. 26, 2010, 55 records loaded, new ITEMCAT2 created EHRAF-ARCH
    Eighteenth Century Collections Online Mar/2010 Collections - about 46,607 MARC records in ECCO 2 from Gale for US$5000; records have subject headings
    - about 138,000 records in ECCO 1 from Gale for approx 18,000 CAD (2006); records didn't have subject headings when we purchased the collection, but ECCO 1 records have been re-done and now include subject headings; If we purchase ECCO 2, we can get the updated ECCO1 records for free
    - 136, 160 records for ECCO 1 and 46, 577 records for ECCO 2 currently being collected and modified, ready for import (Mar. 19, 2010) - DONE
    - Apr. 13-14, 2010 --> 136, 160 records for ECCO 1 and 46, 577 records for ECCO 2 loaded to catalogue
    Electronic Enlightenment Jan/2011 Information Services - 4015 MARC records are available via Electronic Enlightenment site (Jan. 10, 2011) - 4015 records downloaded for evaluation (Jan. 11, 2011) - DONE
    -4015 records are edited and loaded to catalogue (Jan. 13, 2011)
    650 fields subfield $y and $z, and there's a lack of $xHistory in front of $y
    001 fields exceeds the length limit
    Facts on File.
    • Ancient and medieval history online
    • Modern history online
    • Science Online
    Information Services - MARC records are not available as a batch from OCLC
    - e-mailed Facts on File, no granular records
    Fisheries & Oceans Canada virtual library Information Services -Do you mean individual titles of DFO publications? And if so, is there a title list or set of marc records?
    - MARC records are not available as a batch from OCLC
    Fisheries Centre (UBC) Information Services - Do you mean individual titles of the centre's publications? And if so, is there a title list or set of marc records?
    - We have been cataloguing UBC Fisheries Centre research reports and add URLs to the records whenever possible
    Food and Agriculture Organization. All series Information Services - MARC records are not available as a batch from OCLC
    Gallica. Information Services
    Google books. Information Services
    Granger's World of Poetry Online Information Services
    [Greenwood] Daily Life Online Collections - Folklore - Fund - Dianne Keeping
    • Daily Life Online's Title List covers Daily Life through History, Daily Life Premium, and World Folklore and Folklife. Ann Sanger has obtained permanent DOIs for all titles. Catalogue already includes many volumes; slips for title in these collections are received often.
    - records currently being collected and modified, ready for import (apr.14, 2009)
    - 246 records downloaded and evaluated (Apr. 26, 2010)
    - DONE
    May 14, 2009
    - Apr. 26, 2010 -> 293 records deleted from the catalogue, 246 records added - see Daily Life Online pages for details
    [Grove Dictionary of Music Online] now Oxford Music Online Information Services
    Grove Dictionary of Art Online Information Services
    History Reference Online Acquisition -- Electronic Resources - MARC records are available via the ABC-CLIO eBooks admin site - 553 records downloaded for evaluation - DONE
    - 553 records loaded to catalogue --> March 24, 2008
    IBM Publications Center, including IBM redbooks Information Services We can purchase online access to these free Redbook titles through Safari books. Safari charges (~U$30.00/book slot) for two simultaneous users.
    • Or we could select and catalogue the individual titles for free
    IEEE Xplore Information Services MARC records are available via OCLC at no cost - an order is sent to OCLC for IEEE XPLORE eBooks (Jan. 05, 2011)
    - 422 records downloaded for editing (Jan. 07, 2011)
    - DONE
    - 422 records added (Jan. 10, 2011)
    Intelex Past Masters 2009.12.28 Information Services
    1. 125 Past Masters collection titles are available to users at the MUN Libraries <http://library.nlx.com.qe2a-proxy.mun.ca>
    2. Past Masters collection titles are available as part of CRKN acquisition
    3. The Past Masters collection is listed in the MUN catalogue with a single record
    4. This record includes incomplete contents and 9xx added individual author/titles for fewer than 30 of the 125 titles in the Past Masters collection
    5. Serials Solutions <https://clientcenter.serialssolutions.com> currently provides MARC e-book records for 125 titles in the Past Masters collection
    6. "MARC records for the Web versions of each title are available to download at no additional charge." -- from Intelex
    7. more granular records will soon be available from Intelex
    - 126 records downloaded and being evaluated for suitability (March 9, 2009) ; records are not satisfying; problems include irregular spacing all over the place, linking only to the general site, not the specific book and so on. So we decided not to load the records
    - 119 MARC records sent by Intelex and being evaluated for suitability (Mar. 12, 2010)
    - DONE
    - 119 records added (Mar. 16, 2010)
    International Atomic Energy Agency. All series Information Services
    Internet Archive. Information Services records for database added to Workflows DONE
    Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance / U. Toronto Libraries Information Services
    JSTOR. Information Services JSTOR includes several monographic series. MUN Libraries have selected or complete print holdings of these monographic series.
    The series available in JSTOR include:
    1. Annals of the American Academy of Political Science - more than 420 print volumes were received and individually catalogued for bookstacks through 2009 [MUN libraries have online access to ALL series volumes from both JSTOR and Sage] - WOULD BE VERY NICE to have one or both series URLs added to the individual titles so that they might be considered for storage or weeding.DTH 2011.02.09
    LawSource Urgent Information Services Amicus has records for Print or online editions of most titles in the LawSource collection -
    NOTE: Small Canadian law database; therefore, unlikely that SerSol will ever provide records.
    NOTE: QEII has print holdings for some titles; weed decisions needed for print
    NOTE: QEII has few subscriptions for titles in this collection that need to be cancelled

    B. Journals and Law ReviewsLawSource contains the following Canadian journals and law reviews; each title should be catalogued.
    1. Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law 2001-
    2. Banking and Finance Law Review (Canada) 1997-
    3. Canadian Criminal Law Review 1998-
    4. Canadian Family Law Quarterly 1996-
    5. Canadian Journal of Administrative Law & Practice 1997-
    6. Canadian Journal of Family Law 1991-
    7. Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 1994-
    8. Canadian Journal of Law & Society 1993-
    9. Canada-United States Law Journal 1983-
    10. Education and Law Journal (Canada) 1995-
    11. Indigenous Law Journal 2002-
    12. Insolvency Institute of Canada materials 1992-
    13. Intellectual Property Journal (Canada) 1997-
    14. Journal of Business Valuation (Canada) 1997-
    15. Journal of Environmental Law and Practice (Canada) 1997-
    16. Journal of International Law and International Relations 2005-
    17. Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law 2008-
    18. Journal of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers 2009-
    19. McGill Journal of Law & Health 2007-
    20. McGill Law Journal 1993-
    21. National Journal of Constitutional Law (Canada) 1997-
    22. Osgoode Hall Law Journal 2000-
    23. Ottawa Law Review 2005-
    24. Queen's Law Journal 1996--
    25. Revue de droit de l'Université de Sherbrooke 2002-
    26. Revue juridique Thémis 1999-
    27. Saskatchewan Law Review 1993-
    28. University of New Brunswick Law Journal 1993-
    29. University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal 2003-
    30. University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review 2001-
    31. University of Toronto Law Journal 1996-
    32. Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues 2004-
    33. Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 1993-
      C. Carswell Law Report Articles and Case Comments - each title should be catalogued.
    34. Administrative Law Reports 1983-
    35. Alberta Law Reports 1984-
    36. Business Law Reports 1977-
    37. Canadian Bankruptcy Reports 1960-
    38. Canadian Cases on Employment Law 1984-
    39. Canadian Cases on the Law of Insurance 1986-
    40. Canadian Cases on the Law of Torts 1978-
    41. Canadian Environmental Law Reports 1978-
    42. Carswell's Practice Cases 1982-
    43. Construction Law Reports 1983-
    44. Criminal Reports 1972-
    45. Estates and Trusts Reports 1977-
    46. Immigration Law Reporter 1987-
    47. Motor Vehicle Reports 1979-
    48. Municipal and Planning Law Reports 1976-
    49. Real Property Reports 1979-
    50. Reports of Family Law 1971-DTH 2011.02.09
    Currently no way to get records in batch either from Amicus or from OCLC;

    The collection is listed in Serials Solutions, but no MARC records. Gary will keep tracking the records in Serials Solutions;

    Requested titles are passed on to Gary for individual title cataloguing;

    Check U of Alberta Library and U of Calgary Library for LawSource records
    DONE. 50 OCLC or locally derived electronic serial records added to catalogue Feb. 14, 2011.
    Library of Christian Latin Texts / CETEDOC (Brepols Pub.) Information Services
    Literature Online Information Services - records downloaded and being checked for suitability (march 9, 2009) - DONE
    - 17113 records added July 20, 2009
    Magill On Literature Plus / Salem online through Ebsco Information Services
    McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Information Services
    Information Services
    National Academy of Sciences. Collections - Engineering - Fund 92 - DTH
    NATO. AGARD [all series] Information Services
    Naxos Spoken Word Library - approximately 1,300 titles Information Services "Naxos spoken word library" = comprehensive collection of classic audiobook material available online.
    - concentrates on literary classics and educational themes.
    - offers Naxos AudioBook's full range of recordings
    - many texts can also followed on screen
    NetLibrary. Information Services
    Oaister. Information Services individual record added to catalogue for database DONE
    Oxford Digital Reference Shelf Information Services
    Oxford English Dictionary Online Information Services
    Oxford Reference Online Information Services - Starting from January 2010 new MARC records are available to download from ORO MARC site. Records are created by Bibliographic Data Services and look better than the old ones; - 148 old records which we got from OCLC need to be deleted
    - 197 records downloaded from ORO MARC site
    - DONE
    - 197 records loaded to catalogue
    Paper of Record Information Services
    Patrologia latina Information Services
    Pop Culture Universe Information Services - MARC records are available from ABC-CLIO MARC site - 373 records downloaded from ABC-CLIO MARC site - DONE
    - July 07, 2010 --> 373 records loaded to catalogue
    Rand Corporation Information Services
    • "RAND can provide MARC Records for RAND Publications to your library at no charge. The available set of MARC Records provides bibliographic content as well as links to the material on our web site. For a FREE set of MARC Records to nearly 1,500 documents available online, please send an email to librarysubs@rand.org with "MARC Records" in the subject line."
    • Memorial Libraries currently have records for more than 300 Rand publications; selectors regularly receive selection slips for Rand publications

    - email sent requesting records on sept. 1, 2010
    SAGE Reference Online Collection Acquisition -- Electronic Resources - records available in OCLC
    - needs to contact Sage for the list of purchased titles which contain OCLC control numbers
    - DONE
    - records imported from OCLC with Sage list
    Smithsonian various series Information Services
    TeachingBooks Information Services -- CMC - records available from TeachingBooks.net - DONE
    - records downloaded and loaded to catalogue (Sept. 11, 2008)
    UNEP Information Services
    US Geological Survey. Publications Warehouse Collections - Earth Science - Fund 17 - DTH
    United Nations University Press Information Services
    Wright American Fiction Information Services MARC records for the entire collection [2,839 records] are available for download at the website for the collection
    WorldCat Collections offer records for the entire collection

    Information on paper forwarded to D. Seeman. 2009.08.01 DTH
    - 2839 records added sept. 9, 2009


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