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    The OPAC Sub-commitee reports to CRAG.

    Issues with the OPAC and Summon public interfaces should be reported to the OPAC group.

    • To review existing catalaogue problems and usability issues with the OPAC or to report issues, please visit the OPAC page.
    • To review existing Summon issues or problems or report issues, please visit the Summon page.
    • To review or report RDA changes and issues, please visit the RDA page.
    • To review or report Symphony upgrade issues, please visit the Upgrade page.


    Membership includes:

    • Krista Godfrey (co-chair)
    • Becky Smith (co-chair)
    • Michelle Swab
    • Colleen Field
    • Dianne Taylor Harding
    • Katie Lawton
    • Iris Liu
    • Beth Maddigan
    • Crystal Rose

    Key Documents

    Presentation on RDA conversions by Heather Pretty, Oct. 18, 2013
    Download file "RDA Conversion for MUN Libraries.pdf"