Highlights of RDA's impact on OPAC

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    Generally speaking, RDA has a focus on online environment. RDA records generate more access points than before.

    1. General Material Designation (GMD) in title statement, such as “[electronic resource]”, “[microform]”, “[cartographic material]” etc. will disappear and be replaced by three new fields in the bibliographical records.

    NOTE: A decision needs to be made on whether the three new fields are displayed in OPAC and/or indexed.


    AACR2: 245 … $h [sound recording]

    RDA: 336 spoken word $2 rdacontent

    337 audio $2 rdamedia

    338 audio disc $2 rdacarrier

    The controlled vocabulary used for 33X fields is listed in the attached spreadsheet. Examples are also included.

    Download file "33Xs_terms.xls"

    2. Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture and copyright information will be will put in a new field, 264 and will be provided separately. There may be multiple 264 fields.

    NOTE: A decision needs to be made on how 264 is displayed and/or indexed.

    Copyright dates: c1967 will become ©1967 and p1983 will become 1983


    AACR2: 260 ## $a [S.l. : $b s.n.], $c 2009.

    RDA: 264 ## $a [Place of publication not identified] : $b [publisher not identified], $c 2009.

    AACR2: 260 ## $a Syracuse, New York : $b [s.n.], $c2010.

    RDA: 264 #1 $a Syracuse, New York : $b [publisher not identified], $c 2010.

    264 #2 $a [Place of distribution not identified] : $b Adirondack Distributors, $c 2012.

    264 #4 $c ©2009

    3. All statements of responsibility will be provided. We will record all the persons, families, or corporate bodies named in the resource. Before RDA, only the first named person is required.


    Source reads: by Susan Brown, Melanie Carlson, Stephen Lindell, Kevin Ott, and Janet Wilson.

    AACR2: 245 $a … / $c by Susan Brown … [et al.].

    RDA: 245 $a … / $c by Susan Brown, Melanie Carlson, Stephen Lindell, Kevin Ott, and Janet Wilson.

    4. Relationship designator

    author, editor, translator, illustrator, director, screenwriter, producer, production company......


    AACR2: Society of Linguists

    RDA: Society of Linguists, author

    5. Abbreviations spelled out


    p. to pages; v. to volumes; ill. to illustrations; ca. to approximately


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