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    Issues/problems currently noted:

    1. Header (grey bar) is not consistently going to the same places; varies by the screen you are in. Help sometimes goes to library.mun.ca/guides/catalogue (which is out of date), sometimes to Sirsi help. Sirsi help is not useful, needs to lead to something else (All help links are directed to the URL above) not done

    2. Right widget. Don’t like it searching google. Like what UCalgary has done (Search types, help). Replicate what they have for now, tweak over summer. (Google on the right is now removed on Buddys - Please confirm this is what you want.) not done

      a. may be able to remove some header material if provided in widget

    3. Internet button needs to be there though and it is missing. Glad to see details button missing (redundant). apply to velma

    a. terminology is a little misleading, as one assumes it will lead to the internet page rather than the record. Is there better terminology for this?

    1. Remove “Find more on this topic” in brief record (Hidden on Buddys..Test to confirm this not affect other functionality) apply to velma

    2. Remove “Nearby items” for eresources. List it provides is huge and not useful. (This is done on Buddys) keep it
      a. what happens when there are items in multiple libraries? seems to take the first

      library only.
      b. can we get stats on how often this is used?

    3. Print screen still not working correctly

    4. Firefox - reserve desk still isn’t working. (Done - July 18th, 2013 - Buddys, also fixed on Velma..July 19th..)

    5. Archives link in header - the Archives and Manuscript link needs to go to the Archives and Special Collections webpage

      a. consider removing archives link from header (Done - July19th, 2013- Velma) remove from header entirely - add to widget link to http://www.library.mun.ca/qeii/cns/ArchivesLinks.php

    6. Browsing - no keep button. Can we get one? People want to keep items they find, even when browsing (This is not a on/off feature, I check ucalgary and their browse does not have a keep box either)

      a. images in browsing do not appear to be functioning, sending to account page rather than record page (not sure what image you are referring to)

    10. Advanced search - remove relevance from sort since we can’t actually do it. a. Fix spacing to make it look better
    b. Can we reduce it to 3 boxes with option to add additional search boxes? (This will require too much customization)

    11.Request in brief record - needs to always be bolded (doesn’t seem to be when browsing)

    12. IE issue - blue box in top right corner. Generally not rendering properly (ie. quick search) (I am using IE 10, Not happening. What version is this happening with?) not done

    13. My Account
    a. get rid of My Profile
    b. headers are wrong (very very old) (Done)

    c. once signed in, Krista and Alison see different headers. why? (Done - Your accounts had a different Environment associated with it..Modified)

    d. capitalization in header wrong (Please specify)

    Changes we previously requested

    1. Have single sign in box for account, like the off campus log in page. Students get confused as to which ID to enter in which box. SIngle box that takes both will alleviate the issue. not done

    2. Join the My Account and Renew My Materials areas. Presently, if you go to My Account, you need to sign in again to go to the Renew My Materials. Find a way to prevent this.(Done)

    3. Remove long urls in the brief records. This will reduce both the clutter in and the size of the record. Replace with following text:

      - journals - plain text = (provider) from (year range); link reads = MUN users only OR Freely Available (ex. Proquest 1997-2009 MUN Users Only)

      - ebooks - link reads = MUN Users Only) (ex. MUN Users Only)

    4. Include 090 (print holding information) in the brief record as well as the full record (Done) not done

    5. If there is 1 copy of an item, include the call number in the result display record. If there are multiple copies, simply state multiple copies in result display record.

    6. Ability to refine (limit) a search after conducting a "starting with" author search (e.g. when checking the spelling of a name that has been transliterated from another language).

    Other issues
    - Current catalogue - Chrome, when browsing, get a strange details box. Need to get rid of this. (Please provide an sample..cannot replicate)

    New General issues

    - add periodical year coverage to the brief record, as well as the full record (where it is currently located)


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