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    OPAC Issues being pursued:

    1. Have single sign in box for account, like the off campus log in page. Students get confused as to which ID to enter in which box. SIngle box that takes both will alleviate the issue.
    2. Join the My Account and Renew My Materials areas. Presently, if you go to My Account, you need to sign in again to go to the Renew My Materials. Find a way to prevent this.
    3. Remove long urls in the brief records. This will reduce both the clutter in and the size of the record. Replace with following text:
    • journals - plain text = (provider) from (year range); link reads = MUN users only OR Freely Available (ex. Proquest 1997-2009 MUN Users Only)
    • ebooks - link reads = MUN Users Only) (ex. MUN Users Only)

    Reported OPAC usability issues and possible issues to pursue:

    1. Include 090 (print holding information) in the brief record rather than the full record
    2. If there is 1 copy of an item, include the call number in the result display record. If there are multiple copies, simply state multiple copies in result display record.
    3. Ability to refine (limit) a search after conducting a "starting with" author search (e.g. when checking the spelling of a name that has been transliterated from another language).
    4. Add periodical year coverage to the brief record (rather than just the full record)
    5. Request button not available for all items (ex. MRC new books and CMC new books).


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