Web Implementation Group

    Web Implementation Team (WIT)

    The Web Implementation Team will be a small, core body of individuals with technical expertise and interest in web development. This team will be chaired by the Web Services Librarian, who will inform the AUL Systems of major issues/changes. Terms for this team will be 2-3 years and they will meet monthly.


    The mandate of this group will be the management of the library website. They will provide guidance and vision for the website, adopt best practices for web content, develop appropriate information architecture and determine a common branding look and feel for MUN libraries. As a technical group, they will be responsible for implementing the required changes to the website.

    Responsibilities include:

    · Envision, coordinate and evaluate library website design and redesign

    · Determine and implement best practices for content arrangement, navigation, “look and feel” branding and other information architecture elements

    · Create a cohesive look and feel and appropriate content templates across MUN libraries

    · Identify and use best practices in website design and information architecture

    · Provide training for web technologies

    · Consult with individuals as required regarding integration of existing or developing e-resources (ie. Catalogue, LMS, Discovery layer)


    To ensure agility, this group will have no more than 5. Present membership includes:

    Krista Godfrey (chair)

    Wendy Rodgers

    Crystal Rose

    Casey Hilliard

    Lead Editor (to be filled)

    Key Documents

    Strategic Plan - Activities 2013
    Download file "wit strat year 2.pdf"