Web Usability Team

    Web Usability Team (WUT)


    The mandate of this group is to ensure that changes being

    implemented are in the best interest of our users. To ensure this, they will

    follow best practices in usability testing and evaluate suggested changes

    or existing web elements to determine their impact. The group will report

    their findings to the Web Implementation Team for final decisions.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Identify elements for testing and test requested elements

    • Obtain ethics approval for all user testing

    • Implement appropriate usability testing procedures

    • Regular testing of existing elements to ensure they meet user needs

    • Pre-testing of suggested changes to ensure they meet user needs

    • Recommendations for changes based on user testing


    The Web Usability Team will consist of up to 5 individuals, including the chair. The team will work with branches/areas as required.

    Present Membership

    Krista Godfrey (chair)

    Erin Alcock

    Ryan Lewis

    Iris Liu

    Michelle Swab

    Previous Members

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    Usability Toolkit

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    • Strategic Goals Year 2

    Download file "WUT goals.pdf"

    • Mobile Survey Dec. 2012 report (conducted by K. Godfrey, W. Rodgers, C. Rose)

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