Prototyping is a great way to test your design or the information architecture of your website. By quickly preparing a mockup, on paper or on a computer, you can test your ideas before spending too much time creating something that doesn't work well for your users. This type of prototyping doesn't have to be perfect but should accurately reflect your ideas and can include sketches, wireframes and more. You can then run a few questions by users to see if they can accomplish important tasks or get feedback on preferred design elements.


    All you really need is paper and a pen. You could also mock something up using something like PowerPoint or OmniGraffle. There are also online tools including:

    POP Paper Prototyping - for the iPhone/iPad. Allows testing that links through to appropriate pages. Free
    Pidoco Subscription based
    Invision - web, iOS & Android. Free. Integrated with the feedback process. Customers include Adobe, Paypal, Yahoo! and gettyimages etc.



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