Task-based Testing

    Task-based Testing

    Task-based testing is the heart of usability testing. It involves observing real users on the website to discover issues and identify ways to improve the site.


    To observe users on the beta site and determine pain points and identify areas of the beta site that need improvement.


    1. Test existing features in the beta site to ensure they are working as intended and are usable and user friendly.

    2. Observe users on the beta site to determine known and unknown pain points, problems and issues.


    Volunteers were solicited from those who had indicated the desire to provide future feedback from our last survey. Participation in testing was compensated with a $10 iTunes card.

    WUT, in consultation with WIT, determined 12 features of the website that needed confirmation of their usability. These 12 features were then given more realistic scenarios that would test these features without direct leading by the testers.

    The sessions were run by one member of WUT, with others acting as observer/notetakers to ensure proper documentation of the test. Screen capture software was used to track the movements of the mouse and record voice (Silverback for Mac, Debut for PC). A flip camera was used to capture the screen as a backup to the software.


    Report coming soon


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