Prototyping goes beyond the power of show and tell. It lets you experience.



    To test beta design to determine whether users can easily and accurately find the information they need to perform specific tasks.


    With input from the Web Implementation Team, the Web Usability Team identified 9 features or tasks to test. Each feature will be tested at least 5 times. Volunteers were recruited from our in-library patrons. Volunteers were asked to perform 3 tasks and to talk out their decision process. WUT testers noted the path taken, any difficulties or hesitancies, asked clarifying questions after the tasks were performed and inquired about general impressions of the website.

    Questions that we asked the students include but not limit to:

    General questions: What are your general impressions of the beta website?

    Scenario questions:

    • You professor tells your class that you need to read an article for next class and that he has placed it on reserve in the library. How would you find this article?
    • You're starving and want to know if you can eat in the library. How would you find out?
    Detailed questions will be include in the report.

    • To evaluate whether users can perform required tasks in the beta site
    • To determine if beta elements are useful to the user and worth implementation in the redesign
    • To verify that the beta design is easy to use user friendly


    We did the test with 36 students, Majority of them are undergraduate students. But we do have two graduate students, one faculty member, and two alumni. Detailed analysis will be included in the report.


    Coming soon


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