Minutes of Meeting Sept 29, 2015

    Highlights and notes from WWI Committee Meeting, by Linda White

    September 29, 2015

    Attendance: Kathryn Rose (Chair); Elizabeth Browne; Krista Godfrey; David Mercer; Patrick Miskell; Daniel Reid; Joan Ritcey; Linda White

    Highlights from the last meeting:

    · Congrats to David Mercer and his work with Frank Gogos and Ron Penney in locating sites in Turkey. This was featured in The Telegram on the weekend. (There is a copy in David’s name file in CNS)

    · Lengthy discussion on Plum contract and servers. All agreed that in- library server would be the best place for the website.

    · Kathryn Rose reported on her meeting with Lorraine Busby: concerns were threefold: 1 – time available to do the work/maintain the project, 2 – security issues, and 3 – the available technological expertise required to do the work.

    · Kathryn suggested we hold off on making decisions regarding the technology aspect of the project until she has more discussions with LITS.

    · Kathryn provided detailed overview of the SSHRC grant. The deadlines in the application are not firm.

    · Linda reported on problems with the Lester Barbour collection that is on the DAI. The scans do not match the print version of the finding aid. Daniel has been working on this during his two days a week in the Archives.

    · Linda agreed to prepare a list of archival sources that could be scanned and added to website.

    · Discussion on the First 500. The group talked about which existing sources had the names and biographies of soldiers, and whether a modified Soldiers Database might be the answer to the problem of finding the funds for a database program. After the meeting, on Sept 30, Patrick Miskell followed up with: The cut-off for the 1st 500 is the sailing of the S.S. Florizel on 4 October 1914. Filtering the database using regiment, enlistment date and embarkation date, however, still leaves us with 646 individuals out of a database total of 677. This number includes those for whom those dates are unknown, since we do not want to duplicate them. This being the case, it is better to simply pass on the full list, which can be perused just as easily; this is attached, and I have included the DAI link for Cramm’s The First Five Hundred. Then, once up, we can bill the database as containing the full 1st 500 and the beginning of the others.


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