Curling 100 Years Ago

    In recognition of the Brier taking place in St. John's March 4-12, 2017, here are a few articles about curling that appeared in various magazines about 100 years ago. In 1907, J. Syme wrote about "The Roarin' Game" in Parsons Xmas Annual. The game is described as one where "...all things mundane are forgotten in the pleasure that it produces." Syme describes Jimmie Murphy, caretaker of the curling rinks and also, the group from Newfoundland who participated in the Montreal Curling Club's centennial invitational. The article "Drawing the Port" that was written in July 1914 in the Newfoundland Quarterly gives great detail concerning a bonspiel in Halifax in which teams from Newfoundland participated. The 1916 issue of the Distaff describes the formation of the Ladies Curling Club in 1905. In December 1917, A. H. Salter gave an account in the Newfoundland Quarterly of the previous season's activities and claimed that "...the Old Guard who introduced the manly or "Roarin" game in Newfoundland have bequeathed to us younger brethren a heritage "To guard well."" I am sure the Old Guard would be quite pleased with the Brier being held in St. John's this week. For more on the history of curling in our province, contact the Centre for Newfoundland Studies.