The Legend of Job

    Gerald Squires’ last creative project is now on permanent display in the reading room of the Centre for Newfoundland Studies. The original, hand-bound manuscript of The Legend of Job, illuminated by Mr. Squires and lettered and designed by the artist’s close friend and fellow artist Boyd Chubbs can be viewed in a special display case. Patrick Warner, special collections librarian with Memorial University Libraries, will turn a page once a week. CNS also holds a hard bound limited edition of this beautiful work of art. Details about the collaboration between Mr. Squires and Mr. Chubbs can be found in the article written by Kristine Power in The Gazette on March 23, 2017. In it, Patrick Warner says ““Gerry Squires wanted this book to stay in the province and be available to the public…It is the last work of a major Newfoundland artist, actually it is the work of two significant artists and probably the most highly decorative and the most beautiful book ever produced here.” CNS feels quite privileged to host the Legend of Job and encourages everyone to come view it in our reading room on the 3rd floor of the QEII Library.