Regatta History

    For those of you who would like to read about the Royal St. John’s Regatta, the options are many here in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies. We have it covered with newspaper accounts, programs, poetry, histories (by Jack Fitzgerald), a novel (Stroke in Time by Gerard Doran), a children’s book (Freddy’s Day at the Races) and in particular, journal articles. The August 1954 Special Regatta Edition of the Newfoundland Quarterly has reminiscences from writers such as Leo E.F. English (vol. 53 (2A), pp. 38-39) and the Atlantic Guardian offers an article by Bill Davies in July 1947 (vol. 3 (7), pp. 9-12) and one by Michael Harrington in August 1951 (vol. 8 (8), pp. 30-34). Come visit us if you ever need to research the history of the regatta.