Dr. Shannon Ryan

    Dr. Shannon Ryan, who passed away on December 12th, will always be fondly remembered by staff here in the Centre for Newfoundland Studies. Dr. Ryan was a renowned scholar of the history of Newfoundland and Labrador and taught for 35 years in the Department of History at Memorial University. Some of our staff were fortunate to have taken courses from him and speak highly of his knowledge and kindness. He spent countless hours in the Centre, conducting research in the areas of the seal fishery and the 19th century cod fishery. A few of his important works include: Fish out of water : the Newfoundland saltfish trade 1814-1914 ; The ice hunters : a history of Newfoundland sealing to 1914 and A history of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic to 1818. His Ph.D thesis Newfoundland's saltfish markets : 1814-1914, which he completed in 1981 at Queen Mary College, University of London is available on the Digital Archives Initiative. So is a much smaller work that is perhaps more widely recognized called Fish Stages. It is a brief history of the Newfoundland fishery to the early 20th century that was published in 1985 by the Newfoundland Historic Parks Association. Dr. Ryan was a past president of the Newfoundland Historical Society and made himself available to community heritage groups around the province. His contributions to preserving our heritage are many and thankfully, many of his students are following in his footsteps. We extend our condolences to Dr. Ryan's family, friends and colleagues.