Pride: Tommy Sexton

It is Pride week in Newfoundland and Labrador and what better collection to spotlight than the Tommy Sexton Collection (Coll-235)?!

Tommy Sexton (1957-1993) comedian, actor, writer, musician, dancer and ultimate creative spirit is known for his memorable CODCO characters. Many of us have vivid memories of Tommy as Nanny Hynes, Prince Charles, Marg, Duncan (or was he Jerome?), Barbara Walters, Tammy Faye Baker, Pee-Wee Herman, Little Minnie Wateracher, Capt. Picard (see below) to name only a handful. Tommy was multi-talented, spending a year (1974) studying dance at the Toronto Dance Theatre. At 14, he was the youngest member of the Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company. In addition to his work with CODCO (on stage and television) Tommy was also involved with short and feature films (Adventures of Faustus Bidgood, The Rowdyman, and A Whale for the Killing etc.) and other theatre (Two Foolish To Talk About, ) and television (The S and M Comic Book, A National Doubt, The Root Seller etc.) projects. Wonderful Grand Band is not the same with Tommy!

**Poster 516 from Coll-143 NL Performing Arts Poster Collection

In October 1993 Tommy publically announced his personal battle with AIDS. 13 December 1993 we lost Tommy to that disease. In 2006 the AIDS shelter in St. John’s was opened, bearing his name.

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**Poster 382A from Coll-143 NL Performing Arts Poster Collection