In honour of Dance Week...

This week is Dance Week in the province and what better way to honour this fabulous week than a few photographs from the archival collection (COLL-164) of the infamous dancing master, hotelier, and fancy-dress maker Charles Henry Danielle aka "Professor."
Born in Baltimore in 1830, a regular visitor to St. John's Danielle relocated to St. John's ca.1885 where he held dance lessons and balls (fancy-dress parties). Also a restauranteur, Danielle settled in Paradise where he built the lavish "Octagon Castle" a resort hotel decorated in Danielle's eccentric splendour. In addition to its unique architecture the interior design was one-of-a-kind. Danielle put the glass casket he planned to be buried in on display and its design and fine satins and gold details was marvelled by many Octagon Castle no longer stands but the name Octagon Pond nods to Danielle's imprint.
In addition to his passion for dance and costume he was also an inventor. His use of shingles affixed to the backs of his cows to prevent rain water from diluting their milk was one his better-known and entertaining ideas.
For more information on Danielle check out the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador
Today marks the 112 year anniversary of his death. Danielle's body was laid to rest in the Church of England Cemetary on Forest Road in St, John's escorted by a public funeral procession.